Superintendent's Page

April 18, 2019    


       Parents/ Guardians,

As we prepare to enjoy our Spring Recess, I wanted to reach out to families to discuss one event taking place during break and preview other events that will take place upon our return to school on April 29 th

On Tuesday, April 23 rd , school will be closed for Spring Recess and as such, the Bradley Beach Police Department has requested to host their annual multi-township training.  This training typically takes place in the summer; however the BBPD asked to move the training to a date during our Spring Recess.  I am informing our families of this training to alleviate any possible concerns to an extreme police presence on Tuesday.  Police representatives from a number of local municipalities will be on hand on Tuesday to participate in the training, so please do not be alarmed by their presence. 

This year, our standardized state testing has switched from the PARCC testing we have conducted over the past few years to the New Jersey Student Learning Assessment.  The format of the test is essentially the same, and we have worked with our students over the year to prepare for any changes in the curriculum.  One change for BBES is we will test all students in grades 3 – 8 simultaneously, rather than separating the testing out by grade level.  Our testing window is as follows:

  • Monday, May 6 th – Grades 3 – 8, Language Arts
  • Tuesday, May 7 th – Grades 3 – 8, Language Arts
  • Wednesday, May 8 th – Grades 3 – 8, Mathematics & Algebra
  • Thursday, May 9 th – Grades 3 – 8, Mathematics & Algebra
  • Friday, May 10 th – Grades 3 – 8, Mathematics only, no Algebra

We ask that families support our testing environment by making every effort to have students to school on time and with a good breakfast.  If you have any questions about the test, feel free to contact your student’s teacher. 

Finally, I would like to bring attention to one note about the 2018 – 2019 school calendar.  As of today, we have not used any emergency closing days for weather or other emergencies.  As such, school is scheduled to be closed on Friday, May 24 th , Monday, May 27 th  and Tuesday, May 28 th .  Please make note of this extended Memorial Day Weekend break. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact my office.  Enjoy the Spring Recess with your family! 

      Dr. Stephen Wisniewski