Superintendent's Page

October 1, 2019


I hope all members of our community had a wonderful opening to the school year and are now settling into the routine of a new school year.  I would like to highlight a few events that will take place in the month of October.  The PTO will hold their monthly meeting on Wednesday, October 2 nd  at 6:30 PM.  School will be closed for students on Friday, October 11 th  to conduct a teacher professional day and on Monday, October 14 th , in honor of Columbus Day.  On Tuesday, October 15 th , Bradley Beach Board of Education will hold their monthly meeting at 7:00 PM.  On Friday, October 25 th , 5 th  – 8 th  Grade students are invited to the Fall Dance from 6:30 – 8:00 PM. 

On Wednesday, October 31 st , the Bradley Beach Elementary School will host The Parade of Costumes , which will begin at 1:45 PM.   The entire school will march in the parade, with our 7 th  and 8 th  grade students supporting our Pre-School and Kindergarten students in the front of the parade.  The parade route will start by moving west on 5th Avenue and turning north on Main Street.  The parade will then turn east on Brinley Ave and we will walk past our school and turn south on Fletcher Lake Avenue.  The parade will end by turning west on 5th Avenue and then entering the building through the Middle School playground. 

I would like to invite parents and members of the community to stand anywhere along the parade route to take pictures and help our students enjoy this special event.  You are welcome to join us on our front lawn if you are thinking about a good spot to take a memorable picture.  If for any reason you do not want your child to participate in this school wide activity, please feel free to contact the main office and we will make alternative arrangements for your child.

I would like to add a few simple bullet points to help families create a costume that is appropriate for school:

  • Students must be able to sit and stand with ease; excessively bulky costumes are discouraged.
  • No imitation swords, knives, guns, or weapons of any kind are permitted.
  • Students may not wear masks during class as masks may only be worn during the parade.
  • Costumes must be in good taste and with no offensive or inappropriate language or symbols.

        I hope that everybody has a wonderful start to the Fall Season and if you have any  questions, please do             not hesitate to contact my office.


        Dr. Stephen Wisniewski